Winter is coming

150 150 Spanish Wine and Food Tourism Association

Winter is coming. ‘Game of thrones’, the well-known TV series, says it. But, please, don’t  stay at home. In fact,  Winter is the best time to discover all those typical dishes that heat the body.

Spanish people call them “platos de cuchara”:  “un cocido”, from Madrid or Maragato, “caldo gallego”, “marmitako” (Vasc Country), “olla podrida” “fabada” (Asturias), “olla de trigo”, and also  “botillo” or “trinxat”;  You are in the best moment to taste them.

They are documented cooking recipes long time ago. Julio Valles, president of the Academia Castellano y Leonesa de Gastronomía, reminds it all the time. Cervantes collects them in his books. And, there are a lot of gastronomic meetings and events about them.

So… Let’s laugh at the cold and let’s go to taste them.