Madrid Experience


Madrid Experience

We are a travel agency and a great team of “bon vivants” – professionals in their field. Hedonists and admirers of beauty, passionate about music, photography, dance, painting, food and good wine. We love sports, the outdoors and enjoy nature but we also love to return to the city.

We value comfort and elegance as well as the small pleasures of life. We are inclusive and respectful of differences that instead of separating us, make the world a diverse and interesting place.

We enjoy life. We appreciate friendships and those experiences that leave their mark across time: meeting new people and sharing their ideas and passions, learning, tasting new wines and enjoying succulent food, smelling light fragrances, discovering music and dancing to it, enjoying life and having fun…

For us, travel is the gateway to all of this: to living life to the fullest, to trying new things and “enjoying every last bite.” Madrid Experience aims to offer you all of this.
We hope to be your closest friend and the best possible host during your time in Spain.

Our goal: To enrich your experience, so that you enjoy your trip to the fullest and to lead you to unexpected places.


Paseo del Rey 24
28008 Madrid, Spain

(+34) 915 417 099