A Taste of Spain


A Taste of Spain

Stablished in 1999 by a group of Spanish professionals sharing a passion for the cuisine and culture of our country, A Taste of Spain was the first local boutique travel agency to specialize in designing genuine culinary experiences in Spain for foodie travelers and food professionals.
Our culinary offer includes a wide range of culinary tours focusing on specific products or regions across our country; as well as gourmet activities such as hands-on cooking classes, tapas tours, food & wine tastings, guided visits to food markets, producers and wineries…
We work on an upon request basis, always for private groups, starting from 2 people. This allows us to provide our clients with a personalized and top quality service.
Beyond the selection of our most popular culinary experiences listed in our website, we do organize custom-designed culinary trips to meet with the special requests from the more curious or professional traveler.
Frequent collaborators of food & travel media, chefs, specialty food professionals and culinary organizations, A Taste of Spain is a member of IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals), Slow Food and Turespaña´s Ibérico Ham Route Club.

Areas where we operate: ALL OVER SPAIN

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